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Install iOS 4.1 Right Here, Right Now

Written on September 03, 2010 by R. Cruise

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We got the simple steps on how to install the iOS 4.1 on your Apple device. The authentic iOS 4.1 will arrive next week, so why bother wait when you can have it now.

Like everyone else, we are all excited to decipher the code that Steve Jobs have been talking about yesterday. But what if you don’t have the developer account? Good thing is we have the answer.

This upgrade will bring tremendous change on your iPhone 3G. It can also get rid of sensor and Bluetooth bugs that are pestering your mobile activities.

Just a reminder, this installation will remove your jailbreak and we’ll not be responsible for further damage on your phone unit.

1. To start, subscribe to ; better if it would be 10.

2. Next, download the file according to what unit you wan to upgrade. Click this link to download.

3. Then, for the actual installation of iOS 4.1: Plug your iOS device, press alt+click on the ‘restore’ button and select the IPSW file. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes and the new OS will be activated.

4. Done. Brag to your friends how you won’t have to wait for the the new iOS 4.1.

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