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Twitter: 145 Million Users and 300,000 Apps

Written on September 04, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Twitter is making huge progress with 145 million registered users and 300,000 registered applications.

CEO Evan Williams noted ’s latest achievements. But to our surprise, the for isn’t on the list. But we still have to congratulate Twitter!

Congratulations for the 145 million registered users and 300,000 registered applications on its system. We say wow for this numbers!

The number we had given you all are technically the number of registered OAuth apps in the Twitter ecosystem. Twitter left behind a few apps for basic authentication. Williams said this number of registered apps has tripled since their Chirp conference — which was only this past April.

Other big numbers presented by Williams are:

-Mobile users have jumped 62% since mid-April
-16% of all new users to Twitter now start on mobile (it was 5% before Twitter started doing branded mobile clients)
-46% of active users use some sort of mobile Twitter experience
-78% of people who interact with Twitter still do so through — though that number includes people who use more than one app is the second most-used Twitter interface at 14%
-SMS and Twitter for iPhone are tied at 8%

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  • cammie novara

    When I first saw this Hub my first thought was that Gadg audience should read this! . I can’t fathom renting a laptop at all! The charge for renting a laptop for even a couple of weeks is going to set you back as much as just going online and buying it!

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