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Palm WebOS 2.0: Multitasking Made Easier

Written on September 05, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The Palm WebOS 2.0 is coming soon and the gadget will make multitasking easier for you.

The all new for is coming soon. Looking better and equipped with more features for Users. As of the moment, only reveals the new features of the OS and we sense that these features are really to die for. Here are the newest and most exciting add-ons:

• Stacks

The best multitasking UI on any phone. Stacks gives you an automatic sorting of cards into groups, so it’s easier to manage apps.

• Just Type

Palm’s universal search is now called “Just Type”. You can search within your device or online. With this Quick Actions that lets you update your status on Twitter and Facebook, search through a website, email or send sms.

• Developers can tap Synergy

The Synergy is Palm’s service that stores all your contacts and calendars which makes social networking FUN. Developers will be able to connect to Synergy, Palm’s cloud-y service that stored all of your contacts and calendars and made the whole integrated social networking stuff work. Which means they will be able to operate your Synergy-stored contacts, calendars and messages, and later be able to use synergy to connect to a service application, as network instant messaging or a contact list online.

• Exhibition

This is an app that will make you display stuff on your phone when it’s connected to a Touchstone charger. It exhibits stocks, news and anything under the sun. This is likely a widget machine.

• HTML5, Javascript Services and PDK Plug-ins

HTML5 support means power for WebOS, since many applications were written using web technologies. What Palm brings to us is a reinforced support of the canvas (including data and gradients of the image), Web Storage media (local storage and session) and geolocation and the cache application, so sites can hide stuff on the phone for offline use.

The PDK is a new architecture means developers will be able to use Palm as a genuine PDK plug-in, so applications can combine web technologies and C / C + +, which lets an application be written with the most lightweight web stuff but still run heavy graphics.

Node.js is also one of the built in features of the OS so developers are able enough to make services on JavaScript. It adds background processing and other powerful capabilities to the OS.

Palm is making it huge again in the industry. We can’t help but approve this .

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