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The Gadget Lab That is Ford Fiesta

Written on September 06, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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The lure of Ford Fiesta comes from its mix of simplicity, earthiness and functionality, not to mention its array of iPod-like color schemes.

All you need is a built-in iPod connectivity, USB and aux jacks and a Sirius radio in your car. Turning an automobile into a lab is currently picking up with the tech game, and that makes the Fiesta the game’s funky forerunner, as more gizmos get strapped and loaded onto its interior. Here, have a look:

Pocket camcorder. Even a camcorder like Sony’s EX1 HD and a camera like 5D can fit into the Fiesta, broadcasting becomes easy-breezy for the video-blogging enthusiast.

. Loading an iPad is not the best option there is, though, because a MacBook Pro can take the part and deliver. Running on Wi-Fi-only (64 GB version) or much less 3G will make you think of a more sensible reason for doing otherwise than leaving the device in your home.

GPS tracker. This is a no-brainer. When GPS was born, it thought automobile was one of its natural homes.

. Virgin Mobile’s MiFi is paramount. When you are stuck elsewhere in your car, all you need is hook on to this mobile hotspot. Sprint gives it for 100 bucks and around 60 bucks of 6GB usage.

This is definitely the best of mobile-for-automobiles. Your running on Wi-Fi, allowing you to get on the line to finish up a work or inspire your creativity, and speeding up down tech highway–cheers to that, so far!

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