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Category: Apple Hardware

iPhone Hack Lenses: Into the Microscopic World

Written on September 07, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Microscopic objects are hard to find and focus on, but there is a hack that can multiply your iPhone camera power so it take a snap of your blue jeans' fibers--yes, fibers in photo-size form.

Your latest best buy at five bucks may be this: an attachable microscope to your . Just scan Amazon for “SE 45x microscope” for preview, and then for purchase. It will be Prime shipped to you along 2 LEDs and 3 batteries.

This hack by Crabfu is “simple to make, dirt cheap and hours of fun!” In the video after the jump, the maker uses an BodyGlove case. First he wraps the iPhone body with a piece of plastic for protection. Unscrew the lens cap and apply adhesive such as super glue abruptly to the iPhone’s back cover. Make sure the glue is dry before attaching the lens to avoid frosting. Screw the lens and test drive.

The microscopic lens power is actually around 3x only, but it works well with the iPhone’s digital zoom. You can also use it to project the microscopic feed to your via Bluetooth. You get a portable live image on a bigger screen. The microscopic subjects will look awesome in the stills, and this is another brilliant iPhone idea from the grassroots to which we can say, “Cheers!”

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