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Category: Cell Phones

Nokia N8: To Hit the Market on September 30

Written on September 07, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Nokia alert! Nokia N8 is definitely going to hit glasses this month. Mark your calendar as this new product from Finland's phone manufacturing magnate will make its launch on September 30.

Nokia’s revealed a solid for the US shipping of . The phone manufacturer exec announced in a Finnish newspaper that the first Symbian^3 handset will start shipping on September 30th. The product that is tagged at $549 is still available for pre-order in the US. You can visit Nokia USA’s product link page on Nokia N8 for more info and pre-order procedures. Just a quick refresher, the N8 is a 12mp smartphone, equipped with 3.5-inch , with 16GB internal memory, HDMI out and 720p video recording.

Do you think that this new device from Nokia will sell quite good? Are going to have a grab of your N8?

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