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Category: Hardware

Via Technologies’ Quad-core Chips will be Out on Late 2011

Written on September 07, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Five years after Intel Corp. and four years after Advanced Micro Devices, Via Technologies is set to release their first dual-core microprocessor later this year. And years behind AMD and Intels's quad-core CPUs, Via will launch their quad-core late next year.

Based from an unofficial reports from Taiwan, the plans to release its first quad-core in late 2011. Moreover, Via intends to launch their dual-core Nano microprocessors later this year. Their dual-core central processing units, created using a 40nm process at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, will be clocked at 2GHz with 2MB L2 cache, and will use 1333MHz V4 bus. With 20W thermal design power, Via Technologies will set their dual-core Nano for Notebooks. The Taipei, Taiwan-based company also plans to release its first quad-core microprocessor sometime in late 2011. The quad-core Nano microprocessor will come with care-logic integrated DirectX 11-class graphics core.

Even though Via Technologies has been working hard on adding exclusive security and other capabilities on their microprocessors, it seems that they are years behind AMD and Intel. Their low performance brings their reputation down the drain resulting to a net loss of $45.011 million on the first half of the year.

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