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Colorful and Bouncy Dots in Today’s Google Homepage

Written on September 08, 2010 by R. Cruise

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It’s colorful, round and bouncy. It’s the new doodle on Google’s homepage.

has the habit to feature creative “Doodles” to celebrate the birth of an invention, an icon or a landmark. However, the story behind the colorful round shapes is something many cannot figure out.

There were many speculations about the cute Google Doodle. Some say it is for the search engine’s 12th birthday while some other says it is the new JavaScript and HTML5 the company uses.

Finally The Guardian explains the truth:

Google’s doodle today looks ahead to the next version of the computer code that delineates the web. The doodle actually consists of lots of pieces of a web page, each using a modern form of web coding called CSS3 – “Cascading Style Sheet” elements. Each circle is actually an element called a “div” – an element into which the page is divided – which contains an instruction in its associated piece of CSS3 to make it circular rather than square or rectangular. The code also contains instructions so that if the cursor is moved near to any of the “bubbles”, they try to move away.

Check out the video below and see how the dots playfully avoids the mouse arrow and eventually spell the word ‘Google’.

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