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Samsung Galaxy Tab: Aims Third Spot on Global Market

Written on September 08, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Ten million devices plus third spot on the tablet market. These are few of Samsung Galaxy goals.

We are on a waiting game for the final price and date of availability of the . And we’re are sure that is not letting any moment pass by. Executive Hankil Yoon said that the company expects to ship ten Million Glaxy Tabs and grab a third of the market by 2011.

As they first claim to be, or the people around them thought that they might be the right one to match ’s . Yoon also added that Samsung plans to introduce a whole family of Galaxy Tab devices, although he didn’t give further explanations with that.

We don’t know if the company is really capable to put down Apple. Only time will tell. But 10 million tablet to release? That’s pretty huge.

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