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A Modular iPad Case Dynamics

Written on September 09, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Secure-grip, slide on the desk, or tack to the wall--just three of the things you can do with a ModulR-encased iPad.

’s shells spell multi-functionality as they take on multiple identities with an array of add-ons. To ensure firm grip, the basic hard plastic case is plastered with rubber on the edges and fastened with nubs on the back. This setup also makes raising the device off the table a tad bit easier.

The add-ons: When traveling, protect your iPad screen by clipping on a hard plastic face plate. At the desktop, lock the rear nubs into the slots of an L-shaped metal bracket. ModulR’s “slim case” has the same slots that you can use when tacking to the wall, or, if you get a hold of a few neodymium magnets, to the walls of an old-school refrigerator.

No worries on these powerful magnets damaging your iPad internals. The proximity of magnets to a solid-state storage raises no issue, relatively.

The issue might be the weight. Your handy 1.5-pound device gains an additional 5.8 ounces from the case, which might not sound dandy anymore to some. But this may help unload: ModulR mounts the case, cover, stand, and the slim case on a $100 price offer, $60 if you only want the case and cover.

Spell flexibility and multiple functionality: have we heard you say M-o-d-u-l-R?

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