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A Multi-Platform Mobile Microsoft Office: What Gives?

Written on September 09, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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The Office Suite on every Android, Blackberry and iPad tablet; on every Android and Blackberry smartphone--that is the idea. Microsoft should keep itself perceptive, if not wise, on its playing field

“If Microsoft wants to keep people tied into its , it needs to go where the people are going.” This is how Business Insider’s Dan Frommer proposes Microsoft’s push into the future. “Microsoft should develop for the , Android, Chrome OS, BlackBerry , and any other computing platform that is likely to become popular over the next 5-10 years.”

The proposition is on the right track. The tech giant has been supplying its software to partner hardware companies, and it is not unusual to find Microsoft apps on some devices and platforms. So why not create all-encompassing apps for every smartphone, tablet and the like on every platform, starting with the Office Suite?

The Windows 7 OS already did it by integrating the Office app to compatible smartphones, only to face existing giants such as iWork on ’s iPad, recently-acquired Documents To Go by the RIM and Docs on the mobile web. can go multi-platform for mobile, nevertheless. It has been innovating for the last decades, has not been out in major computing systems competition too. Going all the way now? Later it will have to, anyway. Do you not think so?

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