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Blizzard Releases Burning Tide

Written on September 13, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Coming from "The Devil's Playground" with additional lava surges, Burning Tide is indeed a compatible name for StarCraft 2's first custom map. Are you to get a scorching dive?

Being the biggest PC game of the year, has released something new for in a form of a called “.” Combining several thematic elements from “The Devil’s Playground,” is 3v3 map that features timed lava surges and mineral caches. The goal of this game is for each team to reach the specified resource total. The first group to acquire such resources wins! This new map requires each gamers in the team to cooperate and manage their unit production, while safeguarding their workers against enemy forces.

If you got a dose of this new map, sound off your comments below.

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