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Into the Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Written on September 13, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep breaks into the main series and yet manages to move things forward.

Unlike sidequels Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days, Kingdom is a prequel to the previous Kingdom Heart games that turns old promises real.

Like a Final Fantasy adventure interspersed in a universe, Birth by Sleep unloads a complex story, interesting plotlines and children-loved characters it also makes for good, long hours of .

The diversion focuses on Keyblade Masters, characters clad in Jedi knight suits. Three apprentices are available for play, which are interchangeable at levels as they follow prescribed interconnected plotlines.

This edition’s difficulty levels have not been watered down. Playing each character lets you traverse similar Disney themes. Trying on every character will let you frequent some sections that need unlocking. It also chucks in some novel techniques for the fanboy/fangirl: a merging of two spells and special attacks into combos and a sort of Summons ability where you can borrow powers from the Disney characters you encounter in the Dimension Link.

This diversion does not really divert from the original in terms of intensity. And for the series that had its last iteration some five years ago, this edition extends the lifespan and value of a handheld game.

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