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Category: Internet Technology

Make Way for YouTube Instant

Written on September 13, 2010 by Charles Bass

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It seems that everything around us is becoming instant. From Google, now YouTube. Kudos to a genius programmer.

We are a little too hesitant about when it first hit our browsers. It might be annoying just like the Firefox thing before you turn it off. But made us smile after a few chances. We realized it was an innovation we can’t say goodbye to.

But then it’s not only Google who tends to be “Instant”. A programmer in the name of Feross Aboukhadijeh decided could a little of this “instant” trend.

“My roommate bet me that I couldn’t code it up in an hour,” Feross explained to All Things Digital. “It ended up taking 3 hours, so he won the bet.”

The service is no other than named, . A live video search that adds a little more serendipity to the traditional video search. Expect an update and real time as you type the query.

YouTube CEO spoke to Feross too.

“The YouTube CEO actually offered me a job on Twitter, he liked it so much,” said Feross. Unfortunately, the programmer can’t accept the offer unfortunately. He’s actually working for Zuck & Co. as an intern to whatelse, Facebook. Something cooler than we expect him to be.

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