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Tech Wars: Apple and Google Take it High as the Tall Bots

Written on September 13, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Not just that, Apple and Google are taking the clash to the cities. As we write, giant robots are gearing up for a series of battles starting out in San Francisco.

The tall guys in tech, and , have long been speeding down parallel lanes, marking the same milestones almost at the same time, their latest being the Internet-based TV with Apple TV’s 99-cent streaming services and TV.

This war on the development zone will culminate in a clash, as analysts have predicted, and in the area of 400-foot-tall battlebots. Several major U.S. cities are now prepping up for some fiery, destructive wars, to be followed by Europe sometime in Q2 2011.

Apple advances the , a war machine that is loaded with 200 laser-guided homing missiles, eye beams with steel-melting capability in seconds, and hassle-free sync with iTunes and MobileMe. Google is all geared up for the Unit Zero, which consists of “a 50-foot gauss rifle, an adjustable wide-angle particle beam and swappable MicroSD storage.”

Locals are already divided in their analysis of the San Francisco battle turnout. Here is some love for the Apple mech: “…if someone’s gotta stomp your house into rubble, it’ll be the iMech. Believe me, when that thing shows up at your local coffee shop and burns it to ashes, people will be talking about it.” Google also has its steady base of believers: “Google is working on creating something that people can actually use: a supersonic needle cannon that tears through flesh and stone as if they were cotton candy.”

How about you? What side are you on, and why?

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