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Halo: Reach Brings a Brand New Kick

Written on September 14, 2010 by R. Cruise

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One word to describe Xbox game Halo: Reach: Fantastic.

To summarize the detailed reviewed made by Erik Brudvig of, met the high bar and its core components enabled to compete well against other games.

Other elements that made Halo: Reach a fantastic package are its campaign, solid storytelling and excellent audio-visual experience. Also, the competitive multiplayer gives a familiar feel but is still equipped with new options and has faster pacing.

Moreover, its cooperative Firefight arcade mode helped Halo: Reach evolve into a most sought-after game. It is a game that will bring you and your friends pleasure when it comes to games.

Halo: Reach brought an exciting stir on the Halo formula that was created years ago. To read the full review, click this link.

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