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Kindle 3 Hits iPad on its New TV Ad

Written on September 14, 2010 by Charles Bass

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"It's a Kindle. A $139. I payed more for this sunglasses." The Kindle 3 TV ad aims to dethrone iPad.

has thrown on purpose a blow over over , when they released a that takes on the shortcomings of .

The ad was aired today at Good Morning America. It promotes the new and its $139 price. Much lower than the iPad. It actually mocks the Apple and the comparison is quite reasonable. Two of the main key points of Amazon is that with iPad it is impossible to read when the sun is up and all bright. And the fact that costs far less than iPad.
Kindle 3 may not have the color, but with the large market place to shop for apps and the screen is better. All the more it is more responsive, updated via e-ink screen and month’s worth of battery life more affordable that price point.

Amazon throughly believes that the product’s price will convince people to buy the device and make it more popular than iPad. It has done pretty good, considering the fact that Kindle 3 is now the fastest selling Kindle ever.

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