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Category: Gaming Videos

Mysterio Cosplayers, the New PlayStation Move Endorsers

Written on September 14, 2010 by Adam Eve

2 persons

Uninvited guess coming to your party can be an extreme surprise, but two unknown individuals with orbs as their head is weird. And to make it more creepy, they'll offer you a joystick from Sony.

In an effort to promote the launching of Move, sought the help of Lars Åndheim to shoot what seems like a very odd campaign. According to the director himself, taking the spotlight are two characters — a man and a woman — who have their heads replaced with colored orbs. And as creepy as it seems, the will fish for your Facebook for any mentions of parties and will make a gate crash to say “Wii want you to play.” Let’s just cross our fingers that Sony will bring its to the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, just so we can see them brawl with XBox 360’s ball-head mascot.

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