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Category: Gaming Hardware

Nvidia GeForce GTS 450: Meet GF106

Written on September 14, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Nvidia's flagship, GeForce GTX 480, is taken from a contracted version of the GF100 GPU, while the GTX 460 is taken from a contracted version of the GF104 GPU. Is the half of the company's newest chip disabled, too?

has been firing successive shots in its market releases of derivative designs. Now it is time to play out with its mainstream engine, G92, and meet down the gaming blocks.

Can this tiny machine put up with only half of its power enabled? GF106 is essentially one half of a complete GF104. It is the most basic yet, from which the newest Fermi-based card from Nvidia is built.

GF106 has one Graphics Processing Cluster (GPC) comprising four Streaming Multiprocessors (SMs)–each SM controls 48 shader cores. These same “altered” SMs have been originally seen on GF104, which has four dispatch and eight texture units–wielding 192 shader cores, four Polymorph engines (one per SM) and 32 texture units.

Nvidia puts 16 ROPs on the chip–a pair of ROP partitions that can accomplish eight 32-bit integer pixels per clock. The partitions yield 128-bits aggregate in association with a 64-bit memory path each, basically half of the potential that we find in the GeForce GTX 460 1 GB.

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