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Stream Your Media with Veebeam Wireless USB

Written on September 15, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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A faster-than-Wi-Fi connectivity. A PC-to-TV-screen switch. Veebeam lets you stream your media this way--a lot better, they say.

That is the way we heard it from Patrick Cosson, ’s vice-president of marketing: The places a bigger platform at the consumers’ feet, implying it can do more than many of its contemporaries. The product has just graced the scene during the DEMO Fall 2010 conference.

In their product dynamics, the company taps the power of , which works better than traditional Wi-Fi because of its more bandwidth and less interference offering. Consumers will have to plug the Veebeam box to their TV and plug the USB antenna to their laptop port. They can then start enjoying 420-Mbps multimedia connectivity from their wireless USB.

In essence, Veebeam is just a channel for your streams, connecting your laptop to the TV’s bigger screen. But it comes cheap and painless at $100 for the SD version of Veebeam and $140 for the SD version.

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