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HTC launches the – A Wonderful App

Written on September 16, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Holy Cow! HTC launched its new site that lets you track a lost phone, misplaced phone and lets you erase the phone memory and restore it on your desktop.

HTC announced today that they are launching the , a series of connected HTC services that will “provide the capability to manage, control and customize the customer experience,” according to John Wang, the chief marketing officer at HTC.

HTC will be head to head with iPhone, Mobile ME and Windows Phone and even Symbian apps. will go live when the HTC and HTC are launched just like ’s Find my iPhone and Mobile ME. It lets you sync your Desire HD and to track their locations.

It will track your phone via GPS chip and Wi-Fi. If its lost, misplaced or whatever. Pushing a signal to it to make it ring using the site. You can also leave a lost and found message plus a button that calls your alternate number. A step beyond Apple’s app.

The sync is very smart. It lets you log in and search for messages which are stored online. If someone sent you an address, you can find the text message on your PCs and lets you save the location via HTC Footprints app.
If your phone is stolen, the site will automatically erase the memory to stop anyone from accessing your data and you can also restore it on
HTC’s one time, big time shot will definitely want you throw your iPhone away.

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