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Tokyo Game Show 2010: Microsoft Keynote

Written on September 16, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Ten new titles are coming unto perspective! Some are very new, and some are an upgrade of the old. But all of them are developed in Japan. Check what the Microsoft Keynote in TGS 2010 is all about.

The started with a crazy hype with lots of hearts, stars and robots roaming the Mukahari Messe in Chiba, . Mr. Sensui, an exec from XBox , has taken the stage initially to give a recap of the past , and an insight of what the future of XBox and Kinect will be. Focusing on the Japanese game creators and their talent, the event promised ten titles that will be discussed throughout the convention for Day One.

First to be presented was Metal Gear Solid Rising. After showing a clipped version of the E3 trailer and a live demo using standard controller, MGS Rising Producer – Shigenobu Matsuyama – said that the game is being developed as scheduled. However, a specific release date and Kinect support was not revealed. Next on the presentation is an XBox Avatar Fire Pro Wrestling game. A Spike collaboration, the game has an avatar dressed as a wrestler fighting in a ring. So a game is on the horizon, if you want a brawl with your avatar. However, no release date has been said. Third is a XBLA exclusive game from Treasure — Radiant Silvergun. The game – that comes in HD – is an XBox 360 exclusive for XBLA in 2011, with XBox Live, co-op play and downloadable replays.

Turning the focus on Kinect, Matsuura – the guy responsible for Parappa the Rappa – is intent in making a horror game for Kinect called Haunt. With a first person view and akin a cartoon look to it, Haunt is an exclusive XBox 360 game to be released in 2011. Another Kinect game that will take the scene is Project Draco. Also hitting glasses next year, Project Draco is a game of a dragon-looking guy opposing “legendary creatures.” Next is Grasshopper Manufacture’s Codename D. This is a punky and casual project made for hardcore gamers. It’s coming exclusively for Kinect and 360 this 2011.

After the presentation, Mr. Sensui take the stage for the second time and introduced a Namco Bandai game for Kinect called Body and Brain Exercise. Already revealed last week, the game will arrive to US and Europe early next year. This is followed by a new trailer from Child of Eden. It got a new supper trippy level called “Beauty,” and will come next year according to the trailer. Next announcement is coming from SEGA Kinect game named Rise of Nightmares. Though it is difficult to say how the game will be played, is very distinctive that this one can be a hardcore horror game launching in 2011. The last Kinect enabled game announced was the return of Steel Battalion. Set in Manhattan 2082, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor lets the gamers be part of the naval forces to invade and move through the ocean.

Now that we you got a glimpse of the at the TGS, make sure to check back again because more TGS info will be posted here!

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