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A Glimpse of Gran Turismo 5

Written on September 19, 2010 by Adam Eve

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All racers, in real life and wannabes, has something to look forward from Polyhony Digital this November. More cars and more innovations are already included in the newest version of Gran Turismo.

head, Kazunori Yamauchi, revealed in E3 and Gamescon that 5 will ship with a track editor. GT 5 will sport massive community and race-sharing component, plus a robust weather and damage systems. During the 2010 in Mukahari Messe Center in Chiba, ; Yamauchi held his traditional close-door demo of . With Lamborghini Gallardo and 00 race car on the list, also introduces a collaborative work between Polyhony Digital and Red Bull race — the Project X1 Prototype.

The Project X1 Prototype, though presented in a silky silhouette, is a ridiculous, speed happy, absurd and beautiful machine. Furthermore, other concept vehicle that made the cut was Isuzu 4200R. This new inclusion was designed by Citroen and Polyhony. Additionally, three of the most random Volkswagen – namely Kubelwagon, Schwimmvagen and Samba Bus – will be seen in the video game.

And it’s not just the cars that we are talking here, enables gamers to go around Laguna Seca, Trial Mountain and a night-time version of Sarthe Le Mans. Moreover, Polyhony also built a series of events that can help players become a better driver. There’s Jeff Gordon’s NASCAR School, Sebastian Loeb Rally segment and the rally Special Event.

And if Gran Turismo 5 is starting to send shivers down your spine, get a grip because the title will start rolling on November 2.

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