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GSM-only Windows Phone 7 in 2010?

Written on September 19, 2010 by Adam Eve

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When Windows Phone 7 arrives later this year, it will be sold globally, but only for GSM networks. What causes the delay?

has opted to delay until 2011 the CDMA version of their , and the handset that will arrive later this year will be sold globally for GSM networks only. This decision means that, though GSM is widely used in Europe, will not be available on Sprint and Verizon. With AT&T and T-Mobile as the remaining potential US launch partner, the former has its plans of being a part of release while the latter remains to be seen. This settlement has been made by the company due to the fact that they still have to finish re-writing their operating system. Still, the company acknowledged that they have to move quickly to compete against iPhones and -based handsets. Microsoft is slated to tout Windows Phone 7 on an “open house” event in New York on October 11. However, the devices won’t be immediately available.

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