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Eight Reasons to Attend Mobilize 2010 Event

Written on September 21, 2010 by R. Cruise

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For all mobile enthusiast out there, come and join the fun at GigaOM’s Mobilize event in San Francisco this coming Thursday.

, tagged as the “leading provider of publications and events for the and entrepreneurial markets worldwide” is set to hold its annual Mobilize conference next Thursday in San Francisco. Here are the eight simple reason why you should attend mobile event:

  1. Listen to speakers from big companies Paypal, Nokia, , Qualcomm and many more their secrets to success.
  2. Know the details about mobile clouds, ethnography and venture capital. Get to know the latest about mobile computing and mobile connectivity.
  3. Be the first to know who is gonna be the next mobile web game-changer and other LaunchPad companies.
  4. Attend workshops organized by people from Joyent, Placecast, Rebtel and many more.
  5. Interact with over 70 press in attendance including GigaOM editors and researchers.
  6. Grow your network by meeting big names from the mobile industry.
  7. There are at least five companies who will make big revelations. Better not be left behind.
  8. Get great discounts on you subscription to GigaOM publications.

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