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Halo: Reach Beyond the Game are Numbers

Written on September 21, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Big numbers have kept coming in after the first week since the release of Halo: Reach.

You might disagree guys, but there are other profoundly influential as Halo. Sequels and spin-offs which generated billion dollars and gazillion man hours. will never be the only exception.

As Reach approaches its one-week anniversary, Bungie dropped a bunch of stats on the ’s performance:

* 31,000,000 games have been played since launch.
* 98,000,000 player games have been recorded.
* 8,214,338 Daily Challenges have been completed.
* 255,996 Weekly Challenges have been completed.
* 78,499,560,895 total credits have been earned.
* 953 years have been spent in match-made games.
* 1,365 years have been spent in campaign.
* 854,107 files have been uploaded.
* 577,804 recommendations have been sent to friends.
* 4,619,455 files have been downloaded.

The numbers are impressive and unbelievable. It is like 2,000 years for the game in less than a week. Here is the trailer that might change your minds.

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