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Gmail’s Android App Gets a Froyo Facelift

Written on September 22, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Though Gmail's Android seems like trying, the make over seems to be a great improvement. Do you already got your new Gmail Android App already?

The App has gotten a whole new make over for devices running on OS. ’s new version for Android provides users more access to content such as quoted text, replies and threaded messages. In addition to that, the latest feature – Priority Inbox – is also supported on Froyo-enabled devices. Owners of Froyo hand-held devices can also add shortcut to “Important” on their phone’s home screen. Other than features, there are also some improvements on user interface. The bar featuring the most important actions, for instance, sticks to the top of the screen no matter how down low you scroll.

When it comes to mobile experience, Gmail was significantly inferior in the recent past. However, this Gmail’s Android App iteration might make it a much more efficient and productive application.

If you’re using a Froyo device, get the new and free from the Android Market, and don’t forget to comment on your mobile experience below.

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