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Shocking Rumor: iPhone 5 Got 4G

Written on September 22, 2010 by R. Cruise

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A rumor about iPhone 5 being equipped with 4G technology spread yesterday and the source was traced to the name of Ashok Kumar.

Remember the days when rumors are filled with excitement? Nowadays, the tech freaks are back with the guessing games. These people are taking turns guessing the next hardware to be released by .

One of the attention-grabbing rumors which shocked most of Apple fans was declared by , an analyst of Rodman & Renshaw. He said that will most likely be equipped with 4G .

He added that, “some vendors will attempt to leapfrog the iPhone through innovations such as larger or better screens, longer battery life, and more memory.”

Let’s just see how far these creative minds can go in making their Apple-related assumptions.

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  • Aida


  • Jasonli


  • Prsnhuman1

    u suck….. go android!

  • Prsnhuman1

    jk… This is epic.

  • yuki

    iphone yuck!!!! android and blackberry rocks!!!!!

  • Gloria


  • Fabian Y.

    Android fart better than this piece crab..!!

  • Toni Vlaic

    The iPhone is more advanced then any other phone out there, nothing comes even close to it…

  • Jklfisher

    That’s so general… who wouldn’t be able to predict that?

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