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Unleash the Writer in You

Written on September 26, 2010 by R. Cruise

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New iPad app wants you to write and nothing else.

Information Architects (iA) team, the group who pioneered Web Trend Map, officially released the ‘Writer’ app for . There were several attempts before to create a clutter-free writing interface on , and this one is the latest offering.

‘Writer’ is definitely the barest of all other writing-related apps like ‘Simplenote’ or ‘WriteRoom.’ Why do we say so? ‘Writer’ drops the text-formatting toolbar which will prevent you from changing text size, do styling or change background color. It has one thing on its mind: your writing.

This scheme might be effective to some people who are solely devoted to putting thoughts into words. However, this may not be suitable for people who have an itch every now and then to tweet or create blog posts.

‘Writer’ is still worth the download. Add to that the keyboard improvements made by iA. This app is elegantly crafted and will push you simply to write.

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