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Final Fantasy XIV: The Quest and Craft Review

Written on September 28, 2010 by Adam Eve

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It takes a long time before a full review of a MMORPG can spring. That's why we take things slowly but surely. Read on to see our verdict for Final Fantasy XIV's Levequest and Crafting.

is ’s second entry in their online-only blockbuster role-playing franchise. The game is set in the large and open virtual space called Eorza, wherein gamers can run around desserts, forests and other environment type. Just like FF XI, getting anything done takes a lot of time since it is not a fast-paced, high-energy MMO. offers its various range of playable classes; beginning from axe-wielding fighters to magic users. The best part? You can switch from one class to the other after the game’s outset, provided that your character have the right tools. The skills you earn while you progress can unlock more character customization potential, letting your avatar equipped with necessary devices.

The Levequest

The XIV works on a levequest system that a player can acquire from a counter in the three main cities. A gamer can have eight quests at a time that can be split for battle, gathering and crafting.

Since the gathering and battle quest don’t automatically activate, a player must visit a specific camp and stand near the big crystal called Aetheryte. Once you’re there, you need to activate the quest manually. Just remember that only one quest can be activated at a given time, and you should finish it before it runs out. The easiest way to accumulate skill points and boost your ranking is to run around and beat every enemy that you see. Unfortunately, once you’re done with your quest, it won’t appear again at the counter until the time expires. So the best thing to do here is to bounce between groups to maximize your time. Another hiccup in this game is that there are little story tied to the quest. Instead of learning the world and fiction, you just do the mechanical task of boosting your class which becomes very tedious in the end.


In FF XIV, there are loads of crafting classes from goldsmiths to blacksmiths to weavers. Taking on quests where all crafting materials are given to you, early on progress is made easy. However, the process itself can be a bit annoying. You have to open the main menu first to initiate the crafting, then wait for your character to kneel and start the process. Then several confirmation screens are needed to button through, making it irritating at times.

Nevertheless, you will enjoy the actual process once you get there. In order to produce something, you don’t hit a button and immediately come up with an item. You have to engage in a game for a chance to bring the item creation process to 100 percent. It is done in stages and is indeed a matter of chance as your boost reward can either suffice or fail the process. And with the risk involved, a hard-fought equipment produced by crafting can bring in fulfillment.

This is not the end of this review. Since MMOs are meant to last for a very long time. More FF XIV reviews will surely be posted. So don’t forget to check back often.

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