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Snoop on Other’s Timeline Using TwtRoulette

Written on September 28, 2010 by R. Cruise

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On one side, a investor curious with the idea of peaking around a friend’s Twitter timeline. On the other side, the child prodigy who whipped his skills to create the iTunes instant. When these two come together, is born.

The two names behind this cool trick is and . With this new , you will knows how it feels like to be a celebrity on . Know what your favorites stars look into when they open their accounts. Plus, users can add their own timelines by registering themselves on the directory. And with the word ‘roulette’ on its name, users can explore random profiles.

Pishevar elaborated on what motivated him to do this project:

“In my quest to see the New Twitter, I had a friend who had it login into his account, so I could see it. When I was on his account I had this funny feeling; like I had stumbled upon someone’s account who forgot to logout of their Facebook or Twitter account at the Store. But I was fascinated. I was seeing a view of the world curated by someone else that I couldn’t see anywhere else. In the current world, I only get a sliver of this view via the small percentage of tweets that my friend might share, RT or comment on. By accessing each other’s full timelines we get to peek into each other’s world views.”

Twitter used to have a similar feature called “With Friends” but this one withered away quickly. This project was launched under Pishevar’s nascent incubator, These two geniuses plans to continue exploring the world of microblogging in the coming days.

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