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Coming Soon: The New Loewe 3D TV

Written on September 29, 2010 by Adam Eve

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With an achingly thin screen, your TV viewing can be a hit with Loewe's upcoming 3D TV. Better save your penny and dime because the 3D TV, that said to hit the market early next year, won't come in cheap.

’s brand new is expected to hit shelves early next year. It is a stylish affair with thin screen and sleeker bezel. The is part of the Connect and series, that sports to hype up any home entertainment set-up. It is also capable of connecting to 3D Blu-ray player and can support a 7.1 channel home cinema system.

The has a full HD LED Backlighting for vibrant and rich colors, and extra contrast in dark scenes. Another technical attraction of the 3D TV is the 400Hz refresh rates which reduces motion lags and blur, making watching high-speed action movies even better. It is also said that the television has an internet access, but it may only be limited to UK viewers.

One of its best features though, is the capability to record 3D to 2D content to the integrated hard drive. It also come with a special shutter glass for viewing 3D content, and has a HDMI v1.4 input for 3D Blu-ray player, AV receiver and speaker system connection. With the help of LED, games can be brought forth to life making the contents you see in the television a piece of art.

No price has been announced yet, but it surely won’t come cheap with all the luxurious components a 3D TV is made of.

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