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Pinger Transforms your iPod Touch to an iPhone

Written on September 29, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The fad of Pinger's free text messages has made history. Now, the company takes a step higher. They're making your beloved iPod Touch as complete as an iPhone.

, massively popular application that lets you send unlimited text messages on your and iPod is venturing into something more. For over 8 million download times plus 4 billion text messages sent, who would not love Pinger?

Their new venture? Voice calls for free. The Textfree application will include a true SIP-based VOIP client that will work on 3G and WiFi. The feature enables you to have a real phone number. In an instant, you can use this number to call your friends. This will be huge to users since it makes their devices exactly like iPhone.

Users are allotted a certain number of free minutes per month. Use those and buy more using your credit cards or complete the offers which was found on Social Games.

For Pinger, it’s just the beginning. The company plans to expand worldwide and disrupt mobile industries even more in the coming days.

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