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Google’s Chrome OS on an iPad?

Written on October 03, 2010 by Charles Bass

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This isn't new. We've seen photos of the Chrome OS on Apple's iPad. But the man behind these wouldn't make himself known. To transmit the message, here's the video you need to see.

Days ago, there was a news circuating about ’s OS on an . Seriously, an . We know that, it can never happen. Because and are in the midst of their clash. But we can never say that the people behind them thanked Photoshop. With jailbreaks and hidden new found glory, it might just be for real.

Meanwhile, the genius behind the is here for more proofs. Here posting an unbelievably brief clip of the device in action. You cannot blame us if we don’t believe this because there is somehow the credibility. But here, see for yourself.

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