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Adidas Cancels $10M iAd Contract

Written on October 04, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Shoemaker Adidas has reportedly canceled a $10 million deal for mobile advertisements on Apple's iAd service, because the iPhone maker has allegedly exerted too much control over the process.

Because ’s CEO, Steve Jobs, was being too much of a control freak, shoemaker pulled its $10 million contract. Rumor has it that Adidas’ creative concept was rejected thrice, in addition to the company’s lack of control over visibility and third-party ad serving tools which prompted the move. Reaffirming a Wall Street Journal claim in August, advertisers have been frustrated over Apple’s tight control on the creative process for . Due to this, competitors have been quick to highlight the company’s opposite approach with .

Yahoo CEO, Carol Bartz, thinks that Apple’s tight control will drive advertisers away, making it detrimental to the service. If any of this rumors were true, Adidas would be the second high-profile customer lost to Apple after Chanel.

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