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vChatter: Chatroulette Look-alike Minus Foul Content

Written on October 04, 2010 by R. Cruise

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After its release as an app on Facebook, Will Bunker’s vChatter is strong enough to be a stand alone website.

, the man who became popular with the online dating site called, is launching a new website tagged as . This new site, which started as a app, works like minus the obscene content. It pairs two random people via video chat but ties the user to his/her Facebook profile to set the credibility between the chatters.

However, Bunker disputed the claim that he stole the idea of the site from Andrey Ternovskiy, the creator of Chatroulette. “You look at it and you go, ‘How does a 17-year-old kid get to 20 to 30 million users without outside capital? There must be a huge demand for this product. It reminded me of Adult Friend Finder back in the ’90s. You’ve got that version of things, and then you’ve got a cleaned-up version of that, which has much more appeal.”

He speculated that even the best companies do not conceptualize original ideas. “It would be really, really hard to have an original idea — [where] it’s totally original, nobody ever thought about it whatsoever,” he said. “I’m from an engineering background, so I try to think in terms of problem solving. I take the parts and try to put them together in an interesting way.”

The reconstructed Chatroulette concept may not be an all-original project but it surely attracted many online users. It has already 2.5 million users and still counting.

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