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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Wars Begins on December 7

Written on October 05, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Tagged as the most popular game, World of Warcraft is still holding the top spot. And now war fans, the third installment is ready to be unleashed on December 7. Looks like the holidays will be better than expected.

The third major installation to the most popular dominating game, World of launches on December 7. Under the name Cataclysm, a radical expansion to the game’s existing contents. New regions, quests, races, skills and player vs player battlegrounds.

The previous two expansions of has sold millions of copies. They seated on the throne of royalty among Macs and Pcs. The game has more than 11 million subscribers, crowned as the most popular subscription-based video game in the world.

New playable features are also installed, Goblins and Worgen. They will join the game’s Horde faction and become a part of the Alliance.

These changes will be radical alterations and graphical improvements to existing in-game regions. The storyline is an ancient evil awaken in the sea and wreaks a massive havoc from the continets of Kalimador and Eastern Kingdoms. The emphasis of this game is viewing early game content with new characters.

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