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CEATEC 2010: Fujitsu’s Double Slater Windows 7 Prototype

Written on October 06, 2010 by Charles Bass

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CEATEC 2010 convention unveiled products that are truly eye-catching. First, the Panasonic Lumix camera 3D, the Lumix phone and now the Fujitsu's latest phone. The dual function phone that will be released one of these days.

The 2010 unveiled a few attractive to look forward to. Fujitsu is among those companies who showed prototypes and concept designs. Among these prototypes are a couple of devices. One that caught every eye is the dual-screen design, dual configuration device. A modern twist to the flip phone.

But everything is just a show. No specs, release dates and all. For your eyes only. But surely, Fujitsu’s double slater is much more impressive than the T900.

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