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Even Panasonic’s Camera has 3D Tech

Written on October 06, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The invasion of 3D is going strong. From glasses to TVs to movies. Now, during the Ceatec 2010 event, a 3D camera was unwrapped.

unveiled its latest peraphernalia on . It’s a 3-D consumer camera which is dubbed as the DMC-GH2 camera along with a special . This sweet thing costs $250 carrying a 18-megapixel imaging sensor which allows the camera to shoot 16-megapixel images. The sensory captures 1080p high definition footages at 60 frames per sec. But the huge drawback is that it outputs at 1080i.

You can still capture images using its 3-D lenses. But you cannot shoot videos with it. Erica Ogg from CNET has something to say to it.

“The lens can be attached to the Micro Four Thirds camera. With the lens on, there’s no zoom, and very bright light is required. taken in a dimly lit exhibition hall barely registered any 3D effect, besides being blurry. For the best results, Panasonic says it recommends using the setup outdoors.

But the images we took in the demo area, where Panasonic had set up a backdrop with plenty of depth and a very bright light, even indoors, came out fairly well in 3D.”

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