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Pioneer Introduces Product Prototypes at CEATEC 2010

Written on October 06, 2010 by Adam Eve

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No matter how small Pioneer's booth at the CEATEC 2010 is, they definitely bring forth a list of awesome products and prototypes in the event. The products were so big, you'll wonder how they fit inside the stall.

Though has a small booth at the in Tokyo, , they came up with interesting products that would definitely blow your mind. It’s so mind-blowing that you’ll forget that some of them are just prototype.

HVT or “Horizontal-Vertical Transforming” is a prototype product from Pioneer that offers the flattest set of speakers possible. Pioneer is working on this product, in an aim to build ultra-slim products, or an all-in-one home entertainment set, that consumers can mount on their wall.

Pioneer also showed off their latest iPod Dock that were announced last May. The latest Pioneer iPod Dock has a video support compact Hi-Fi with CD player.

Non-contact EV Charger

With EVs as the next big thing in automobile, Pioneer is also working on their non-contact solution to charge EV cars on various parking areas. The process behind this concept is quite simple: just park your car on top of any of their EV charger, and presto! You’re now charging your car’s internal battery.

Pioneer and DoCoMo unveiled a new that is set to hit glasses on March next year. The Smart Cradle aims to enhance users’ mobile phone GPS capabilities with faster and more accurate GPS reading.

It looks like Pioneer has a lot to offer to us in the coming days. For more product release from Pioneer, don’t forget to check back often at Gadg.

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