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Hey Baby: “It’s Payback Time, Boys!”

Written on October 11, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Women will now have the chance to take down the men who made their lives miserable ---in a video game, at least.

is a popular computer game giving women the chance to seek revenge against disrespectful men. Since its released last June, the game stirred controversy on whether it promotes violence. Though some people are saying that this game was specifically designed for women and not to promote violence of any kind.

This game was conceptualized by a female designer and producer named   from New York City. The genre, female-on-male interaction, this game specializes is nothing to be compared with the violence offered by other games like Tomb raider, Grand Auto Theft and Rapelay.

In addition, a study conducted at Belgium’s Ghent University concluded that out of the 344 women who were polled, half of these women are not afraid of violence contained in computer games though it should have a humorous undertone.

Looui said that Hey Baby gives women the opportunity to “the space to act out their ridiculous revenge fantasies and have a laugh about it.”

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