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Inside the New York Comic Con 2010

Written on October 11, 2010 by Adam Eve

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While New Yorkers are used to seeing crazy attire on the street, the New York Comic Con 2010 just made it even better. And with babies and toddlers dressed up as superheroes and game characters, comic gathering just got a new meaning.

With an early Twitter Buzz, it’s no brainer that this year’s Comic Con got hundreds of people in line to pick up their tickets for the event. Their very liberal definition of comic gathering paved the way for their new-found success. Most of the floorspace was dedicated to video games, television, movies, artist meet-and-greets, plus the usual gang of autograph-hawking celebs. But it is the costumed characters that definitely attracted most of the visitors to the event. Even for a town that has the iconic Naked Cowboy, the collection of superheroes and game characters is an eye-opener for the people of New York. And the biggest trend in the New York Comic Con 2010 are the toddlers and babies in their costumes.

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