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Windows Phone 7 Mistakenly Claimed Angry Birds

Written on October 11, 2010 by Charles Bass

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The best seller app, Angry Birds, was seen on Windows Phone 7 Promotional image. But this occurrence was a big mistake. No wonder Rovio, the developer of the app, seems to be a little taken aback.

When enthusiasts caught a glimpse of the popular iPhone app, , on 7 promo, it seems that the game is coming to Microsoft’s smart phone. But the of the app posted a denial tweet regarding the platform. A representative sent a note to TechFlash admitting the mistake that was made.

“It appears information was mistakenly posted to Microsoft’s website, and has been removed,” the statement said.

Microsoft need the developers behind Angry Birds, particularly , in order to stay put with the league of Android and iPhone , but wasn’t happy about the news.

“We don’t like others using our [intellectual property] without asking.” Rovio said.

We are quite expecting that both developers will get over this mistake and work on having the game on the .

Rovio even said in later tweets: “Nothing to do with if we do or don’t, it’s just that we decide that for ourselves … We could do a version of Angry Birds, not the issue. We have not agreed to do that (yet). Will support all relevant platforms.”

Angry Birds is unmistakably the best seller app on iPhone, Android, webOS and some Nokia devices. It sold 6.5 million copies.

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