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Microsoft Presents the Windows Phone 7

Written on October 12, 2010 by Charles Bass

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We've been all dying to know and to see Windows Phone 7. From leaks to sneak peeks, now we have it for real. Microsoft unwraps its greatest weapon to compete against Apple, Android and BlackBerry.

recently unleashed the power to compete with Apple, BlackBerry and Android —presenting the Windows Phone 7 (). CEO also revealed the 9 mobile phones powered by WP7 during the event in New York. Ballmer also take note that there will be 60 mobile operators who will offer the device around the world. All of which are made from South Korea’s and LG Electronics, Taiwan’s HTC and US computer giant Dell, in more than 30 countries.

“We have built a different kind of a phone,” Ballmer said. “We set out to build a phone that was thoroughly modern. We focused on the things that real people really want to use,” he said. “We really put our energy into bringing together the things that you love.”

Mobile phone powered by the WP7 will run email from various services –  integrate calendars, contacts and social networks and allow for documents to be viewed, edited and shared using Microsoft Office. There will also be the Zune music player platform and the access to mobile version of Xbox games.

Joe Belfiore, the Windows Phone corporate vice president, demonstrated how the WP7-powered phones integrate with Zune and Xbox Live. “My phone is like a giant virtual jukebox,” Belfiore said. “It’s a killer experience.”

WP7 represents a “substantial break from the past” for Microsoft, said IDC analyst William Stofega. “There is a compelling enough difference in what it does to make it interesting.”

Gartner analyst Van Baker said Microsoft “will face serious challenges in improving its market share in the smartphone business.”

“The momentum is behind Android and (Apple’s) iOS right now and I don’t see Windows Phone 7 deflecting this,” he added.

AT&T showed off some of the devices namely,  the Samsung Focus, the LG Quantum and the HTC 7 Surround — that will sell for amount to  200 dollars in the United States, almost the same actual price as Apple’s latest iPhone.

will launch two WP7-powered devices in November, the HTC HD7 and the HTC Mozart.

Some of WP7 phones feature touchscreens,while others have QWERTY keyboards like the Blackberry from Canada’s Research In Motion.

According to Gartner, “a research firm, Microsoft’s share of the global mobile operating system market will fall to 4.7 percent this year from 8.7 percent last year.”

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  • Cell phone tracker

    I really did not see any significant improvements or features that could persuade me to buy one, I will stick with Android as before.

    Good luck MS.

  • Pirates 4

    The momentum is behind Android and (Apple’s) iOS right now and I don’t see Windows Phone 7 deflecting this,” he added.

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