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Category: Hardware Technology

NVIDIA Goes Retail at Best Buy

Written on October 13, 2010 by Adam Eve

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It seems that Nvidia is ready to take the plunge into selling its graphic cards directly to consumers. But they do not have plans to take it outside Best Buy stores in the US.

’s video card is going retail, but can only take as far as Best Buy in the US. Surprising as it sounds, is going up against its vendor partners in its home turf. The thinking behind this, is that the majority of computer enthusiasts in the US tends to buy from an online source. Otherwise, they go to and pick up a box with a label that they are familiar with.

As most of us already know, NVIDIA relies traditionally on add-in-board partners to build and support the actual device. But the Green Team seems to be taking the marketing initiative into their hands. According to HardOCP, the boards are manufactured by , the tech support is outsourced to India, and a three-year warranty is included in the luxurious packaging.

Can NVIDIA’s efforts to go direct selling be considered as a complement to products from its partners?

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