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Facebook Values your Disapprovals

Written on October 14, 2010 by R. Cruise

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After the success of the ‘like’ button, Facebook experiments on a dislike function that will let people air their disapprovals for things they don’t like.

Admit it, you liked the ‘like’ button when it appeared on the comments. However, there are times you just wish there is also a ‘dislike’ button, right? You feel that a expressing your disapproval for something should also be recognized.

The moment for the arrival of a ‘dislike’ button now comes…sort of. You don’t need anymore to type in your comment about disliking something on your friend’s wall.

This time, allow users to rate a status up or down. This rate will then to be summarized into percentage. This will give the user an overview on how other people on perceived the post on the wall or the status indicated by the user.

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