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The World’s Most Expensive iPhone

Written on October 16, 2010 by Charles Bass

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iPhone 4 is already a pricey piece of gadget but what if 100 karat diamond pieces are adhered on its surface? Then, it becomes the world's most precious mobile device. A man named Stuart Hughes made this possible and he is now the proud creator of iPhone worth $8 million.

Warning: This is worth a fortune. Usually, if you have money that is more than want you need, you just want to enjoy the lavish things. And this time, we are talking about your mobile phone. Upon ’s arrival we know, you started calling your associates so you would be the first one to have it. After getting your hands on this newest product, you want to customize it to fit your extravagant lifestyle. Our fiece recommendation? Try . He customizes your handy electronics with gold and . See here his latest latest creation, the plated with diamonds. It is now known as the “world’s most expensive phone.” Hughes made two models for his Australian client. Each is equipped with 500 diamonds which totals to 100 karats with a special granite box. Total cost is nearly $8 million. Just a word of advice: never leave this thing unattended.

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