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Sanitize your Cellphone with UV Light

Written on October 19, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Being health conscious is not at all bad even if you are a man. Now, studies said that your most precious possession is the where most germs thrive as well. Cellphone, mobile phone, smartphone ---these gadgets all contain germs. Well here's a new sanitizing device that will clean your devices from these microorganisms.

Release your inner health conscious self man, we know what you do after shaking hands with someone, twisting the door knobs, go on subways or whatever. You wash your hands. Whether our resident natural sanitizer, water or the handy sanitizing gel in your pocket. Your hands get the . Actually it’s not just the hands, but almost all the external parts of your body. And no matter how you deny it your touch screen has touched a lot of already.

In a whirlpool of germs in you mobile device, we suggest you something worth the money. Let’s all welcome the Cellphone Sanitizer. Two lamps under three AA batteries that kills DNA of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. So they won’t be able to multiply. Available for $50, it’s not really gay to buy one.

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