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An Extra Grip for PlayStation Move’s Shooting Attachment

Written on October 20, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The Shooting Attachment is making its way to stores this week, providing an arcade-like shooting experience for the cool price of $19.99. Is a little extra grip worth your hard earned cash?

As made its way in the market, varying third-party peripheral manufacturers began crafting cases, chargers and add-ons for the new motion controller. Included in the list is the Move . Making its way to the stores this week with a cool price of $19.99, the Shooting Attachment is one of the higher quality products under the zapper-style accessory category that you’ll see.

The three main parts fastened securely by three large screws gives a nice weight to the shell. The can be inserted or removed at the top panel, by means of the release mechanism found on either side of the gun. The passthrough button on the left and right side of the gun can give users an access to the start and select buttons. Meanwhile, a cutway on the top panel leaves the Move and action buttons exposed. More over, a pop-out panel can be found at the rear of the gun that enables users to power and charge the Shooting Attachment even at use.

When it comes to performance, the Shooting Attachment also suffers a natural inefficiency of a physical trigger mechanism. While the difference in timing can’t be that substantial, the fact is that Move is better to use in-hand or in any system that routes the button mapping digitally. However, the Shooting Attachment are intended for those who wants to have a tactile gamer’s experience, and not the hard-core players that searches for a top quality performance. But no matter how well crafted the Shooting Attachment is, it just isn’t really that useful for many players.

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  • Richardo A Wilson

    quite pointless, the Wii is so much more user friendly and cost worthy. Sony is great, but pricey on ALL THINGS.

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