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ATI Radeon HD 6870 and 6850’s Worth

Written on October 22, 2010 by Adam Eve

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AMD's Radeon HD 6870 and HD 6850 graphics cards are here, but they might not be what you expect. Read and check out the sites who already got their hands on the new graphics cards.

AMD’s and 6850 are here, but albeit they sound as if they can do better than the lauded HD 5870 and 5850, they are not really what they seem. For only $180, you can already have that sports 960 stream processor, 775MHz core clock, 1GB DDR5, 1GHz at effective rate. While you can have the Radeon 6870 at $240 which features 1120 stream processor, and 900/1,050MHz clocks.

A collection of reviews put them a bit behind the finest, and states that they can keep up with the rest. Some papers say that they can run better than their predecessors, but a card full of ports is probably not fit for your next HTPC. If you want a full review, you can hit up the links below.

PC Perspective
Legit Reviews

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